Main Street Ventures


Looking for a mentor to guide you through the process of taking a business idea from concept to reality?

Facing a specific need in a functional area (like sales or marketing) and just need a seasoned pair of hands to get something done right? 

Feel like you're about to re-invent a wheel and want to save countless hours of time and money by tapping into prior experience? 

Our Fixed Fee, Expert-on-Demand packages are just the answer!

available options
What’s entailed
Quick Hit

Your choice of either a 30 minute or 1 hour virtual session.  In addition to any insights shared during the virtual session, within 48 hours of your session you will receive a written assessment and prioritized list of recommended action items  designed to efficiently and effectively address your need.   

$ 100 - 175

Project Management

Applying the core process & management principles nurtured in our portfolio companies, our network professional will manage your specific project to completion.   In addition to providing competent project management expertise, a secondary outcome is to equip your team to competently apply our process principles to your future work going forward.  Includes set-up of and subscription to workflow management and collaboration platform.

Starting at
$ 1,000

Strategy Deployment

This is all about closing the gap between plans, actions and results.  We work with your leadership team to adopt a disciplined approach to  both setting direction and steering towards it, with specific tactical solutions defined and executed by those closest to doing the actual work in a given area.   Includes subscription and account set-up to workflow management and collaboration platform.

Starting at
$ 1,500

Concept to Reality

Based upon the format designed for the senior capstone course of the Clark University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, an experienced entrepreneur will work with you and your founding team to turn your business concept into an actual operating business in 12 weeks or less.  Includes subscription and account set-up to workflow management and collaboration platform.